We love our visiting Artists!!!

At Crane Market we open a new show every month on 1st Fridays showcasing an exceptionally talented artist! Photography, painting, mixed media, sculpture, we show it all! And we are very proud to take 0% commission on artwork sales. 

So join us during these 1st Friday opening receptions (6p - 10p) to enjoy wine, music, breathtaking art and great conversations! Support the Arts!

Join us again on 2nd Saturdays to get to know our visiting artists in depth during our FREE Artist Talk & Bourbon Tasting series (3p to 5p).

Below is our calendar of upcoming artists you won't want to miss!

If you would like to be a visiting artist please submit at the bottom of the calendar.


Laura James April

Opening 1st Friday April 6th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting April 14th (3p-5p)

Photography has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us daily. Since picking up my camera, I see things that I never noticed before. A pattern, the clouds, or a simple leaf can captivate me. I have tried to capture the beauty of this new world through my images.
Throughout my life I have always had a creative outlet. I have been working on developing my skills both behind the camera and in front of my computer to create and enhance my photos.


Pat Antonick May

Opening 1st Friday May 4th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting May 12th (3p-5p)

I have been working full time as a mutli-media studio artist for 22-years in Dayton, Ohio. My medias include; hand-built stoneware ceramics, hand-built found object assemblages, quilted digital textiles and hard edge paintings. I am so lucky; I love what I do! My studio, comprised of four separate rooms, is an artists paradise.


Megan Fiely June

Opening 1st Friday June 1st (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting June 9th (3p-5p)

I wish to express my relationship with the world through painting. I specifically try to portray the way I perceive light and sound as it moves through space, as well as an obvious love of bright color. But my art is not simply about arriving at and admiring a final product. I am very much immersed in the process and struggle of creation. Humans should create daily. We should be building, digging, writing, singing, sculpting, or cooking a perfect meal! There is something therapeutic and transcendental in the creative process. Sometimes I think it’s cortisol release, other times I'm sure I'm communing with the universe. In any case, I know am addicted to the dreamlike feeling I arrive at after uninterrupted hours of painting. Leaving the studio, I have processed many unrelated thoughts while seemingly thinking of nothing but color and shape. My goal is to inspire others to engage their subconscious through art.


Mohammed Hanif esmaty July

Opening 1st Friday July 6th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting July 14th (3p-5p)

Mohammed Hanif Esmaty is a 56 year old Afghani artist who settled in Dayton with the assistance of the Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley with his wife and four children in the spring of 2017. Mohammed is an accomplished artist who works in both small and large scale painting and pencil sketches. Although most comfortable and passionate about portraiture, his talent is also reflected in his depictions of Afghanistan landscapes and culture. While he is most comfortable working in oils he also is talented is watercolor and pencil.

Mohammed was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He studied art at Kabul University where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He spent 2 additional years studying portraiture art in Russia. An experienced art teacher Mohammed taught art at his brother’s art studio in Kabul to hundreds of private citizens over 30 years. 


Tom Gilliam August

Opening 1st Friday August 3rd (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting August 11th (3p-5p)

Tom Gilliam was born in Dayton, grew up in the neighboring suburb of Beavercreek and has been living in the City of Dayton since 2003. He graduated from Beavercreek High School and Greene County Career Center in 1996 with a Computer Information Systems career passport. Tom has been an IT professional for over 22 years.

In late 2011, he created a personal Instagram account and developed a love of photography as a result. Tom created the @daytongram Instagram account in July of 2013 to showcase the Dayton area and influence people to be excited about the city through his photos. His first photography exhibition was at Ghostlight Coffee in November 2014. He has been doing professional photography work for 4 years.

In 2016, Tom started doing freelance work for Dayton.com, part of Cox Media Group (parent company of the Dayton Daily News) and created a series in which he photographs/writes about the past, present and future of historic buildings in the Dayton area, Dayton.com’s The Buildings of Dayton. He has drawn inspiration from many photographers including Dave Schmidt (founder of @cincygram on Instagram) who influenced him to create @daytongram, William Preston Mayfield, Marvin Christian, Andy Snow, Bill Woody and Robert Tobin.

Working with the Dayton Visual Arts Center, auto dealer Jim Evans commissioned Tom in the Summer of 2017 to create a series of iconic Dayton-centric images for his new showroom, Infiniti of Dayton. After the images were selected, Tom collaborated with the graphic design team at Catapult Creative to digitally abstract creating the final works of art throughout the showroom. From May 25th through May 26th 2018, ten of Tom's Dayton-centric photography pieces were on display at Dayton Sideshow 13, located at the Yellow Cab Tavern.


Andy Snow September

Opening 1st Friday September 7th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting TBA

"photon engager, sometimes an arranger, oft a wrangler for fun"

   Andy Snow has worked as a professional photographer for over 40 years. He became fascinated with photography while finishing his philosophy degree at Princeton University. There, under the guidance of documentary photographer, Sol Libsohn, and photography historian, Peter Bunnell, Snow worked to learn the practice and art of illuminating narrative with photography. 

 In 1993, he chronicled his work for TIMEBusinessWeekNewsweek, NYTimes, Forbes and Fortune magazines in his book entitled Location Photography Secrets. Upon its publication, he embraced the dawning digital age by teaching himself Photoshop 2.5. (Imagine Photoshop with no layers... I wonder if you can.) In 1996, he had programmed and uploaded www.andysnow.com as the first iteration of his current web site. This ever-evolving site is now over 20 years young.

Thanks to his post-graduate studies at Ohio University and Antioch University, Andy expanded further into sound, film, video, and all things digital. He completed a self-designed masters degree program at Antioch in digital media in 2005. 

With a long list of clients from GE to P&G, KPMG to DCDC, Andy Snow is a documentarian at heart, mindful of revealing essence through light, shadow, and color, while remaining receptive to any surprising interventions that might be chaos or perhaps synchronicity. His historic project, Watershed, Then&Now, commemorating the Great Flood of 1913 in the Miami Valley of western Ohio, was honored as one of twenty Best of 2013 by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). "Receiving this award from my peers is a terrific touchstone at this stage of my career," says Snow. To see and read more about the Great Flood commemoration, check out his blog at andysnow.blogspot.com and visioneclecti©.com for more imagery. Check out his video of one of the largest fountains in the world here: https://vimeo.com/amfountain. This work was referenced in artnet news. Andy has turned his attention to the new perspectives from the sky. In 2014, Andy worked as DOP of Where the Rivers Meet, a music video produced in Dayton that heralded the immigrant friendly policy of the City of Dayton. In 2015 he began documenting the construction and renovation of more than 20 libraries of the Dayton Metro Library system, a project that will span 4 years. "The bonus piece of this incredible gig is working with local artists, recording the installation of juried works of art in each reimagined facility. What a blessing for and from this great community."


dan Cleary October

Opening 1st Friday October 5th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting October 13th (3p-5p)

In 1988 I started Cleary Creative Photography.  I have worked with thousands of clients throughout the region and nationally, working with individuals, families, small companies and fortune 500 corporations.

The Dayton City Commission recognized me as a Proud Dayton Original in March of 2015. The Commission initiated this award as a nod to Dayton’s long history of invention, innovation and inspiration. Recognition is based on creative thinking, doing, believing and achieving. This honor emphasizes my creativity and originality.


Cydnie Deed-King November

Opening 1st Friday Nov 2nd (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting Nov 10th (3p-5p)

grew up with a family of artists, so it was an easy choice to go to Webster University in St. Louis, MO and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Studio Art. Now I live in Fairborn, Ohio with my new husband still creating art.

n several bodies of work, I let my imagination run wild by revealing the visual power of my dreams, and also deal with my personal struggles of being an artist. The struggles are between the pure creative instinct and the formal artistic instruction I as well as many artists have received. What I mainly focus on are my interpretations of the human connection to nature by showing botanicals as part of the human body. This is to emphasize that parts of humanity are very similar to parts of the natural world and that the bond between the two is still present no matter how humanity tries to sometimes distance itself.


Jennifer Rotterman December

Opening 1st Friday Dec 7th (6p-10p) ~ Artist Talk&Tasting Dec 15th (3p-5p)

I have always had a love for animals and I currently volunteer at the Cincinnati Zoo. When I take pictures I try to capture the animals personality and the soul of the animal. Animals are natural posers. I have been taking photos for the past 10 yrs and I am starting to branch out more. I have had a picture published in a British Wildlife Magazine. I have been in the Photography Show the past 4yrs in Middletown at their Art Center. I have placed before and had an Honorable Mention. Every year I learn more and more. Come and enjoy a different perspective on our Animal Kingdom.