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CoCheil *pronounced Co-Shell* ARTS is a fine arts company that sells handmade original works of art created by artist Nicole M. Scott and from people across the globe. The company sells original paintings, fine art prints, jewelry, fragrances, handmade masks, handmade instruments, collector’s items such as the Annie Lee doll collection, etc.

Nicole M. Scott is a self-taught artist from Dayton, Ohio. The highlight of her art career was being a contributing artist in Internationally known British Artist Graham Dolphin’s Portrait of Self by Others exhibit in Sutherland, UK fall of 2016. Nicole is also a writer and a poet and has three books published: 1) The Language of Emotions, 2) The Chosen One by CoCheil, and 3) Fluid Veracity. All of which can be purchased from any online book retailer. Nicole has her Master of Arts in Business Administration from Ohio Christian University. She plans on growing her business and adding a diverse product line with the mission of sharing fine art in all of its genres and making it affordable for everyone.